We don't want our readers to see content just by its title. Our goal is to make the content as interesting and useful as possible.
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Our job is to create and deliver the best possible solutions. We create dynamic areas that include new experience and the benefits of the technology. We believe that people - the greatest strength. We hope that we can be at the forefront of innovation in the global media industry.

– Joseph Mairond

Our team

Our content team consists of editors, writers, proofreaders, translators, community managers, coders, analysts, linguists, mathematics, physics and doctors — all of whom work means producing the positive and inspiring articles, photos, videos and animations that fill a lot of our social media channels and websites.
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From life hacks to smart crafts, from beauty tips to twisty puzzles, from recipes to scientific articles about products, from popular reading to cultural studies.
Our portfolio of media brands focuses on positive, practical, entertaining, and scientific content.
We are especially proud of our analytical solutions.


We are a team of enthusiastic people involved in creating and supporting our apps, because we do our best for our users. Our commitment is to create an affable and intuitive application that makes users feel special.
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We are not only web

The publication of scientific research and applied literature is popular all over the world. We create trends and realize projects that no one has ever dared to do before. We are changing the world for the better!

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We are a team of experienced and hard-working professionals with a passion for new knowledge and skills.

Moreover, we are committed to respect and protect the environment, to ensure the health and safety of our staff and customers through our business and ethical practices.